Welcome to oz.org, the Australian Internet Relay Chat Network.

oz.org was founded in March 1996 when the old links to The Undernet became unusable due to the huge amount of traffic going across the TransPacific Australian/United States network link.

The first few months of oz.org's existance were primarily a trial delink from the Undernet because of the inability to maintain a link during peak usage hours. This trial was to determine the viability of a primarily Australian IRC network.

oz.org existed as a successful stand-alone network for a number of years and offered a number of services. However, with the growth of other chat environments, oz.org numbers dwindled.

Now, ozorg is under new management and they are keen to revitalise and maintain the network. It is operated by volunteers on donated servers and donated bandwidth. oz.org does not charge for access to the servers, makes no money and is independent of any ISP or other business organisation.