Welcome to oz.org, the Australian Internet Relay Chat Network.

can haz internet

Hi there. Currently we're planning great things and this page is a temporary page to get us up and running. We're re-building the OzOrg IRC network and modernising it.

TL;DR!!1 (Millennial version)

  • IRCd HUB: irc.ozorg.net:[6667-9,7000], SSL on 6697
  • IRCd HUB IP: and 2001:19f0:5801:19ce:5400:1ff:fecb:4ef9
  • SASL is supported

For user registration:

/msg Zauth HELP

For channel management:

/msg Z HELP

Who is the cabal: Orbii, obs, Uridium, Adhoc

In-depth and Infrequently Asked Questions

Alright. So the old OzOrg is being retired. We'd love to thank those involved over the thirty years of it's running Especially (!) TikTok and Nick. OzOrg has been a place where a lot of friendships were created and many things happened. We'd love to continue the spirit of what they've created and modernise it over time.

We're currently a small group of people that want to rebuild the network. We have great plans and plenty of ideas for the future, but we first need to crawl before we can walk. So, please excuse the light heartedness of this page and we will be adding to it in the future. We currently want basic functionality and work up from there.

We've had a lot of trouble getting to here. The old codebase has been massaged to work with more modern implementations of the underlaying support software stack. We have some known major issues with performance with both the aucs websites for registration. This was due to modern PHP not supporting a lot of antiquated features. Big thank you to Orbii and Obs for at least getting it to where it's at. I know that wasn't easy.

So, we'd ask you to be patient with us. We are very keen but all old enough to have IRL lives. Do please let us know when there's issues and we'll try to get around to things.

Short term tasks in no particular order:

  • Leaf Servers. We have several volunteers. We've other more pressing things to attend to at this stage.
  • X.25 Packet Radio Ham Radio interface
  • Channel Service .. there's a lot to do here currently. It's a bit of a mess but ..seems to work for now.
  • Better Web intergration. Currently, it's glacially slow, it's nasty. ..\$etc ..yes we know. :) There are people keen to be let loose on this.